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Our business submission technology integrates paper forms and electronic applications into one platform.


Step One: Licensing & Contracting

Agents must hold an active license with corresponding line of business in state of solicitation prior to dating/signing applications. 

Appointment request and Application can be submitted together unless carrier/state requires pre-appointment.

Step Two: Producer Training

Necessary training requirements must be completed PRIOR to applications being dated, signed, and submitted for any annuity, LTC, or NY state case. 

Annuity Training

LTC Training Details Per State

Step Three: Determine Medical Requirements

If carrier conducts the application interview they will order medical requirements. Otherwise, agents are required to order.

Carriers will accept previous medical exams, if completed within the past 6-12 months for clients under age 70. Part B/non-med questionnaire must be completed and submitted with the new application.  

If shopping a rated/declined case, in addition to the completed lab ticket, we will also need the actual lab results. Please share these instructions with your client on how to obtain their results from CRL AccessMyLab, save as a PDF and send to you directly so our underwriters can review the file and advise if coverage can be obtained at this time.

Step Four: Application Submission